AISD Board of Trustees Approves 2013-14 Annual Academic and Facilities Recommendations

The Austin Independent School District’s Board of Trustees voted to approve four Annual Academic and Facilities Recommendations, including expanding and extending dual language programs, continuing the work of Responsive Education Solutions to strengthen graduation pathways, creating an in-district charter at Travis Heights Elementary School and offering students a dynamic approach to learning through the Any Given Child creative learning initiative to move the district from arts-involved to arts-rich.

The board voted to approve the following Annual Academic and Facilities Recommendations during the 2013-14 school year:

Dual Language Program Expansion and Extension

Two-way Spanish/English dual language program, at nine elementary schools will expand to areas of the district that demonstrate high need and readiness for implementation. The one-way model in Vietnamese will expand to include additional grade levels at Summitt Elementary School.

Implementation of a one-way Mandarin dual language immersion program for non-native speakers at Doss Elementary School will be scheduled for implementation during the fall of 2013.

The dual language program (both one-way and two-way) will extend to middle schools throughout the district based on need.

The implementation of this AAFR is subject to the availability of funding and appropriation in the fiscal year 2014 budget and subsequent years.

Responsive Education Solutions Partnership Continued at Lanier and Travis High Schools

Responsive  Education Solutions fulfills the mission of the Graduation Pathways program by delivering individual students a prescribed course of study.  Using both direct teach and computer-based instruction, students recover credits, accelerate credit accrual and receive high dosage tutoring in math and other areas of need.

Responsive Education Solutions will be open to serving students from other high schools, as space is available.

The contract with Responsive Education Solutions will continue through the 2013-14 school year at Travis and Lanier high schools.

Campus-Initiated In-District Charter at Travis Heights Elementary School

Travis Heights Elementary School will transition to an in-district charter school during 2013-14, essentially becoming an autonomous school model with flexibility in such areas like program design, innovation, budget allocation, scheduling, professional development and curriculum. 

The recommended educational model will be a student-centered learning community with a standards-based, rigorous core instructional program applying three interwoven, research-based models including, dual language enrichment, service learning and blended learning.

Fine Arts Program – Any Given Child Creative Learning Initiative

The Any Given Child Creative Learning Initiative will bring access and balance to each child’s education using a learning model that combines the resources of the school district, the City of Austin, local artists, businesses and philanthropic organizations.

This partnership model will affect student achievement by aligning the experiences students receive in and out of school and working with teachers in schools and artists in the community.

The implementation of this AAFR is subject to the availability of funding and appropriation in the fiscal year 2014 budget and subsequent years.

During January, the district will begin working with schools and communities to plan for and implement the recommendations for the 2013-14 school year.

To learn more about the approved recommendations, visit the Facility Master Plan webpage at

For more information, please contact the Department of Public Relations and Multicultural Outreach at 414-9571.