Anderson High School Receives Delegates from Koblenz, Germany

Delegates from Koblenz, Germany—Austin’s sister city—recently paid a visit to Anderson High School as part of a celebration commemorating the 20-year relationship between the two cities. For the visit, each delegate donated a German book to the Anderson Library, while Austinites in turn donated their favorite English books to the Koblenz library.

“Having a sister city provides an exchange of ideas and thoughts that leads to deeper understanding of each other’s cultures,” Anderson High School’s German Teacher Julia Lesher said. “Anderson is so fortunate to have been able to deepen this relationship with Austin’s sister city and to give our students the opportunity to do so as well.”

The tradition of developing relationships with students and teachers in Koblenz is a longstanding one for Anderson. Every other year since 1991, Anderson students have traveled to Koblenz for a three-week exchange program. Students stay in the homes of their German or American counterparts, attend school together and learn about the other’s cultures.

“Our exchange is a life-changing experience for so many,” Lesher said. “It opens the students’ eyes to other cultures and how one should respect each other’s differences. Anderson is so thankful for the relationship with our sister city Koblenz.”