Bowie High School Marching Band Places Sixth in National Competition

Members of the Bowie High School marching band placed sixth in a national competition of marching bands in November.  

The band also received the coveted first place prize at the UIL Area D Marching contest--a momentous competition for high school marching bands in Central Texas. While at nationals, the band placed third in 5A bands around the nation. 

“The Bowie Band Program is one-of-a-kind,” said Kim Shuttlesworth, head band director at Bowie. “The students have chosen to excel in every aspect this season—musically and academically. We are very fortunate to be able to work with them, as well as the community. They strive for excellence and take great pride in their performances. We look forward to the closing of the season because they have worked for this moment, and now it’s time for all to enjoy their talents.”

Earlier this semester, the bands from Akins, Anderson and Austin high schools also qualified to compete in the Area D competition, an impressive accomplishment in its own merit.

“The support of the Bowie community has been an integral part of the Bowie Band’s success over the years,” Bowie Band Director Stephen Howard said. “We cannot thank them enough.”