AISD Offers Online Registration and Enrollment for High School Students

Parents of AISD high school students now have the option to register their children for school online—when and where it is convenient for them. The system will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is accessed through the district website. This new system will save parents time and will better accommodate busy schedules. This initial pilot roll-out of the online registration system only serves high school student registration, but online enrollment options for middle and elementary school students will follow in the spring.


AISD Online Registration System

The online registration system will be available to high school parents who are registering existing AISD students for the next grade, parents with high school students who are new to the district or parents with high school students who have not yet attended school. Additional documentation may be needed in certain instances to finish the registration process. Parents who do not have access to the Internet through a home computer can use computers at their child's school or at the public libraries. Registering families need to have a Student ID number and a PIN number to register online; that information is available on students' mailed progress report cards or grade report cards. Parents can also call the parent connect help desk at 414-9187 for assistance.

This online registration system is a part of the district’s ever-continuing effort to improve customer service to the community and increase efficiency of the school district.