Going for Gold in Estonia: LASA Student Joins U.S. Physics Team

Each year, the American Association of Physics Teachers and the American Institute of Physics sponsor a competition for high school students, to represent the U.S. at the 2012 International Physics Olympiad Competition

This year, Allan Sadun, a junior at AISD's Liberal Arts and Science Academy has been chosen as one of twenty students from across the U.S. that emerged through a rigorous exam process, to become the 2012 U.S. Physics Team. Sadun was selected from 3,600 students who participated in the Fnet=ma exam and also is the only Texan to make the team. 

Sadun and other team members will participate in a training camp--a crash course in the first two years of university physics. The students will learn at a very fast pace and have an opportunity to hear about cutting edge research from some of the community’s leading physicists. At the end of the training camp, five students will be selected to travel to Estonia for the 43rd International Physics Olympiad, a nine-day competition against 400 student scholars from 90 nations.

Congratulations to Allan Sadun and his AP Physics-C Teacher John Stormberg for this great opportunity! Learn more about this extraordinary student.