Celebrate AISD Classified Employees March 5-9

Classified Appreciation Week, will be celebrated from March 5-9, to build awareness about the crucial role and essential contributions of AISD's more than 6,000 classified employees including cafeteria workers, secretaries, teachers’ aides, food service staff, custodians, maintenance workers, paraprofessionals and bus drivers, among others.

AISD is proud to honor and recognize the efforts of classified employees. From behind the scenes, classified employees are the backbone of the public school system and provide services vital to the everyday operation of our schools and district. These dedicated professionals help create the capacity for teachers to do their jobs, drive our students to and from school on our buses, keep the buildings and grounds looking beautiful, make sure that our technology serves the needs of every learner, ensure that our students are served a warm and nutritious meal with a smile and serve in our classrooms and offices, to ensure a great education to all of our students. 

Although we should express our heartfelt appreciation throughout the year, we encourage you to set aside some extra time during this special week to honor a favorite bus driver, food service provider, office manager, receptionist, maintenance worker, custodian, educational assistant, paraprofessional, technology support staff, etc.; or thank them as a group!

AISD is thankful to have so many wonderful, dedicated professionals work each day for the benefit of our students, staff and community.

Here are simple ways campuses and departments can show their appreciation:

  1. Present your classified employees with heartfelt thank you cards, Bravo! Cards, flowers or organize a potluck style breakfast, lunch or ice cream social in their honor.
  2. Organize a school assembly or staff meeting to recognize the contributions of the classified employees at your campus or in your department.
  3. Promote Classified Appreciation Week throughout your school by displaying a poster or banner in the front office, hallways and library. 
  4. Have students participate in a drawing or poetry contest to honor classified employees.
  5. Honor classified employees on your marquee, website and in your newsletter.
  6. Give your classified employees positive feedback regularly for a job well done and extend your appreciation by developing a list of recognition activities that can be carried out once a month.