Oak Springs Student Wins Winter Poem Card Contest

Oak Springs fourth-grader Rebecca Salazar earned the Badgerdog Literary Publishing’s winter poem card contest. Badgerdog is an Austin-based nonprofit organization that provides creative writing workshops to schools, offering programs that emphasize publication, performance and creative expression.

Rebecca’s winning poem, “Purple Firework, Blue Sky,” will be published in a card for local restaurants during the New Year’s holiday. Guests dining in these restaurants will receive a copy of Rebecca’s poem when they receive their bill. Congratulations to Rebecca for her amazing work!

Purple Firework, Blue Sky by Rebecca Salazar

I am a firework in the sky.

I am purple and I am hot

and as small as little raindrops.

I hear popping noises like hail falling

down on a car, the windows breaking.

I see a horse running and a big

crowd screaming and a clock dinging

and dinging.

I feel lonely and sad, but when I pop

I feel really sad.

I hope to be in the sky forever.

Rebecca Salazar, fourth grade,

Oak Springs Elementary School

This poem won the winter poem contest for Badgerdog, an Austin organization that champions young writers. Your support of Badgerdog helps us send professional writers into Central Texas schools and publish. For more information about Badgerdog’s programs, visit www.badgerdog.org.