Libraries Collaborate with Austin Children’s Museum

Libraries in twelve schools are participating in “Cuentos de Familia/Family Stories,” a partnership between the Austin Children’s Museum and AISD. The project was inspired by the family storytelling themes of renowned artist Carmen Lomas Garza and the museum’s exhibit “En mi Familia/In My Family” based on the artist’s award-winning picture books. Third grade students in participating schools are reading, reflecting, discussing, writing and drawing to explore their own family traditions and cultural identities.

Supported by a 2-year federal grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services, Austin Children’s Museum and a cadre of UT scholars are working closely with campus teams of 3rd grade teachers, librarians, art teachers and parent support specialists to engage students and their families in celebrating the people, places, objects and events that give meaning to their lives and community.

Librarians are playing a special role in connecting students with neighborhood stories. The project will reach 850 students, 1,250 family members and 90 educators in the following elementary schools: Allan, Galindo, Govalle, Houston, Odom, Ortega, Perez, Reilly, Ridgetop, Sanchez, St. Elmo, and Walnut Creek. Govalle recently featured a mural in the library that Blue Genie Art Studios designed and featured on the E.A.S.T. Studio Tour.  Student poems also were showcased. 

Stay tuned for more updates about this fantastic partnership!

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