AISD Schools Earn 236 Gold Performance Acknowledgements

Monday, the Board of Trustees recognized 65 elementary schools, eight middle schools, eight high schools and four alternative education schools for achieving Exemplary or Recognized ratings in the state accountability system and/or earning Gold Performance Acknowledgments from the Texas Education Agency. The Board congratulated the schools' principals for their students' exceptional performance on measures ranging from college admission scores to attendance.

In 2011, 23 AISD campuses achieved the State’s highest rating of Exemplary under the Texas State Accountability System, and 33 attained Recognized status. The ratings are based on the TAKS performance of students in grades 3-11, middle school dropout rates and high school completion rates.

While state accountability ratings are based primarily on TAKS tests, TEA’s Gold Performance Acknowledgement system recognizes campuses for high performance on academic indicators other than those used to determine accountability ratings, including AP/IB exam results, commended TAKS performance and Higher Education Readiness in English language arts and mathematics. The TEA acknowledgements recognize AISD students and our campus staff for all their hard work and success in meeting—and exceeding—the state accountability standards.

Congratulations to the students, families and staff members of these schools for making significant progress in teaching and learning in AISD!

For a complete list of AISD campuses that achieved the rating of Exemplary or Recognized and/or earned Gold Performance Acknowledgement(s), click here >.