Annual Academic and Facilities Recommendations Up for Vote Dec. 12

AISD Superintendent Meria Carstarphen presented the administration’s Annual Academic and Facilities Recommendations, or AAFRs, for review and discussion by the Board of Trustees at the Dec. 5 Board Work Session. The following are summaries of the AAFRs:

  • Establish a one-way Chinese dual language immersion program at Doss Elementary and two-way Spanish dual language immersion programs at Blanton, Casey, and Galindo elementary schools.
  • Adopt the Learning Support Center Model for disciplinary programs and reduce referrals to off-campus Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs.
  • Address overcrowding in north-central elementary schools in the 2012-13 school year by: eliminating the sixth grade at Barrington, Brown and Walnut Creek elementary schools; creating a Pre-K center at Dobie Middle School and moving pre-K programs at Graham and Hart to Dobie; making Webb a pre-K-8 school, and reassigning part of the Barrington attendance zone to Webb; and moving remaining Barrington Pre-K to Reilly.
  • Establish an in-district charter agreement with Responsive Education Solutions to operate a graduation pathway program at Lanier and Travis high schools for students who have dropped out or are at risk of dropping out.
  • Establish a K-12 college preparatory in-district charter program with IDEA Public Schools at Allan Elementary (K-5) and Eastside Memorial (6-12).
  • Single-sex schools are no longer a proposed AAFR for 2012-2013 implementation. However, Board conversations will continue on this topic due to community outreach and surveys. The input the district has received to date, suggests that the development of single-sex middle schools--which will combine the attendance areas of James E. Pearce Preparatory Academy and Gus Garcia Middle School, would be a popular solution.
Trustees are scheduled to take action on the 2012-13 Annual Academic and Facilities Recommendations at the Dec. 12 Regular Board Meeting. To read more about the specific recommendations, click here >
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