3M Foundation Donates 248 Shoot n’ Share Camcorder Projectors to Support Technology in the Classroom

The 3M Foundation has donated 248 Shoot n’ Share Camcorder Projectors to the Austin Independent School District (AISD).

This product will be distributed amongst all schools as well as to district departments to support the Technology Department’s vision that that every teacher, student, parent and administrator will have online access to all relevant educational resources. 

The donated camcorders will be used to improve the instructional quality and hands-on interaction skills with technology between student and instructor. Instructional uses for the camcorders are wide and varied.

At the elementary level, camcorders can be used as an instructional aid for teachers to conduct virtual science explorations or record high-tech book reports. In middle school, students can take control and create documentaries or commercials about their favorite historical figures. In high school, students can create mini-films and/or digital media pieces to share with their friends and community.

These are just a few examples of the many possibilities for the Shoot n' Share Projectors. Austin ISD will become a richer environment with this new access to technology.