Help Name the New Early Childhood Center

What should the Austin School District name its newest facility, an early childhood center? The Austin ISD Board of Trustees invites you to submit your nominations for the name of a new early childhood center in East Austin. The center is part of the 2008 Apple at Work Bond Program and is scheduled to open in August 2012.

Some of the criteria for the naming of district facilities include the following:

  • Facilities may be named for individuals, places such as landmarks or neighborhoods, or other reason determined by the Board.
  • The name must not already be used by another Austin ISD school or facility.
  • Nominations must provide a succinct description of the nominee’s contributions, why they are important, and any pertinent history that should be considered.

You can mail your nominations to:

Department of Public Relations and Multicultural Outreach
Austin Independent School District
1111 W. 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78703-5399

Or you may submit your nominations online at the District’s website

Your input is important to this process. Please remember to submit your nominations by the deadline of Oct. 26, 2011. Trustees are scheduled to select the center’s name on Dec. 12, 2011.