Family Support Cooperative to Hold Additional Meetings in October

The Austin Independent School District will be holding a family support meeting October 11th beginning at 6 p.m. at Rosedale School, 2117 West 49th Street. Parents and students will be able to meet with the Special Education director, Janna Lily from 6-6:30 p.m. Also, parents will be able to discuss various issues such as:

  • Autism/Behavior/Related Disabilities: Problem Solving and positive approaches to challenging behaviors.
  • ADD/ADHD: Problem solving for school success and cooperation at home and work (CHADD)
  • School Issues: From "TAKS to STAAR", understanding the changes in state assessments and how they affect your child.
  • Grade Advancement: What parents need to know to help their child successfully move from grade to grade.Love and Logic: Learn skills and strategies to effectively handle all kinds of situations. (Behavior, discipline...)Guardianship Orientation: Arc of the Capital Area will be describing their guardianship program and the importance of obtaining guardianship of your child with special needs by the time they turn 18.Group Meetings: Sibling Group: for brothers and sisters (ages 6+) or children with disabilities.
    Adult ADD/ADHD: Support group for adults with ADD/ADHD. 

For more information, call 414-0955 or 414-2535. NO RSVP is required. Spanish interpreters are available at all meetings. To request an interpreter for the hearing impaired, call 414-0955 the Thrusday before the meeting.