Welcome to the Board of Trustees website. Here you will find useful information about the governance arm of the school district.

Board Group Photo Austin ISD Board of Trustees (from left) Tamala Barksdale, At Large 9; Cheryl Bradley, District 1; Lori Moya, District 6; Jayme Mathias, SECRETARY, District 2; Vincent M. Torres, PRESIDENT, District 4; Gina Hinojosa, VICE PRESIDENT, At Large 8; Robert Schneider, District 7; Amber Elenz, District 5;  Ann Teich, District 3;

Responsibilities of Leadership

Guiding the Austin Independent School District toward excellence is the goal of the nine-member AISD Board of Trustees. As the district's elected leaders, trustees represent community expectations as they chart the direction of educational programs and services and establish the standard by which success is measured.

Trustees employ the superintendent, approve the budget and monitor expenditures, set the tax rate, and may call for a bond or tax rate election. The board also establishes policies for operating the district and ensuring its financial viability.

AISD Board Meetings

The AISD Board of Trustees generally meets on the first, second and fourth Monday evenings of the month (except July) in the Board Auditorium of the Carruth Administration Center, 1111 W. Sixth St.

Here are the three types of board meetings and when they are:

  • Dialogue Meetings are the first Monday of the month;
  • Work Sessions are the second Monday of the month; and
  • Regular Meetings are the fourth Monday of the month.

NOTE: Check the calendar for any changes to board meetings. 

Work sessions and regular meetings are cablecast live on AISD Cable Channel 22 and are periodically re-cablecast. Most AISD board meetings are open to the public. Within the limits of the Texas Open Meetings Act, however, parts of board meetings, such as consideration of real estate transactions, personnel matters, student hearings and legal matters, may be closed to the public.

Public Comment at Regular Board Meetings

Those who wish to speak during Public Comment must sign up on the day of the meeting, before the meeting begins. Members of the community are invited to address the AISD Board during the public comment period at regularly scheduled Board meetings. Each speaker is limited to two minutes, with a limit of 30 speakers. 

Every Regular Board Meeting includes 70 minutes for Public Comment. Each speaker is allotted two minutes. This allows up to 30 speakers to address the Board about the issue of their choice. Speakers are called in the order in which they signed up. If you wish to speak during Public Comment, you may sign up by phone or in person.  You may sign up from 1-4:45  p.m. the Friday before a Regular Board meeting and 7:45 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. * the day of the Regular Board Meeting *From 4:45 – 7:00 p.m., sign up is in person only. 

For phone registration sign up, call 512-414-4411.  You can sign up in the Superintendent's Office (Room A250) during regular business hours of 7:45 am to 4:45 pm or in the Board Auditorium between 4:45 pm to 7:00 pm.

Speakers will be asked to provide the following information: The subject to be addressed, speaker’s name, and, if applicable, the group or organization the speaker represents. An individual may not sign up for another person, nor can speakers exchange time or yield time to others.

Board Service 

Members are elected to a four-year term of office. On a rotating basis, board seats are filled during biannual elections held on the first Tuesday in November. Vacancies are filled by appointment until the next election. Candidates must conform to the eligibility requirements of the Texas Election Code. The president, vice president and secretary are elected by the other members of the board. Trustees provide public service to the Austin community without financial compensation.