What is a Biometric Screening and Why Participate?

  • Your Biometric Screening gives you the opportunity to know your health score as well as provide early detection for possible risks for chronic or serious health conditions. 
  • Your results are confidential and stay with YOU! You will receive your Total Cholesterol, HDL, TC/HDL ratio, Glucose, blood pressure, and BMI levels. 
  • Part of the new 2018 Wellness Premium Credit that eligible employees may earn requires you to complete your Biometric Screening and earns you 35 points.
  • Employee must be on a district medical health plan to participate in the Biometric Screenings

How to Complete your Biometric Screening Appointment

Employees have 2 options for how you can complete your biometric screening.

Option 1: Complete at an Onsite Clinic at your Campus* 

Every campus will be given the opportunity to schedule a date to bring the biometric screenings onsite. This will allow employees to make an appointment at their campus during their planning period, lunch time, etc., to more conveniently complete the screening. 

Employees can View The Onsite Schedule to see when we may be at your campus.

Employees must have made an appointment online before the deadline to participate onsite at a campus. Walk-ins will NOT be allowed to provide a timely experience for individuals who did make an appointment.

Onsite screenings are completed through a finger prick process.

*For campus onsite clinics, a minimum of 30 employees must make an appointment or the clinic is subject to be cancelled. 

Option 2: Complete at a Patient Service Center

In the case that your campus does not offer an onsite clinic, or if you missed your campuses clinic employees have a second option.

Employee can complete their biometric screening at a Quest Patient Service Center (PSC). There are many locations around the city. 

An appointment is still required to complete at a PSC. 

Employees can View Austin Area Patient Service Centers & Hours

PSC screenings are completed through venipuncture process.


Schedule your Biometric Screening appointment at: www.My.QuestForHealth.com 

or by calling 1-855-623-9355

Registering and Scheduling Instructions


Scheduling at a PSC