School Bus Advertising

Ads on Buses

Austin ISD has full decision-making authority about what types of advertisements are placed on buses. All advertisements comply with state and district policy, and a district committee will review all proposed advertisements. AISD students will not participate in the advertising program. For more information, please call Steep Creek Media at 281-962-4390 or visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Will AISD students be a part of the advertising program?
Children play no role in the advertising program. The ads are targeted to adults seeing the buses. Measures to insure this are in place, such as only placing ads on the opposite side of where children enter the bus.

Who is Steep Creek Media?
Steep Creek Media is a family-owned company located in Houston and founded in 2007. The owner, Cynthia Calvert, is a former first-grade teacher, a certified reading specialist, a communications professor, business owner and supporter of education.

Will this program cost AISD money?
Steep Creek does not charge AISD anything, and no district employee time will be used to sell or maintain advertising. Steep Creek Media sells, designs and installs the advertisements on the client’s schedule and budget and collects funds for AISD. The district will receive a report each month detailing its revenue from the ad program.

How much money can the program generate for AISD? 
It is estimated that the program can generate up to $388,000 annually for AISD schools.

What about the content of the ads? Does AISD have control over what is placed on busses? 
According to the Steep Creek contract, all advertisements must be age appropriate and must not promote anything that is illegal for minors, such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs or gambling. All ads must comply with state sex education policies and cannot use poor grammar, be sexually suggestive, obscene, vulgar or profane. The school district's superintendent may use discretion in determining whether or not a proposed advertising activity meets the district's own restrictions. AISD retains full control over the content. There is an AISD advertising committee in place to manage the messages.

How much money does Steep Creek Media keep?
The company is only paid when it sells something. Steep Creek Media keeps 40 cents on every dollar, or 40 percent, to pay salaries and benefits, overhead, equipment, office space, utilities, etc., for its staff.