Non-Priority Transfers

Requests for Non-Priority Transfers

Requests for non-priority transfers must be received no later than February 7, 2023 to be considered in a lottery. 

After February 7, 2023, all in-district requests received will be considered non-priority transfers and processed for available space on a first come-first served basis. The deadline to apply for non-priority transfers for the Fall Semester is three weeks prior to the first day of school. 

Magnet/Application Based Programs

Students wishing to attend a magnet program (Kealing, LASA or Lively); Richards School for Young Women Leaders; application programs (e.g. Anderson IB; Early College High Schools, Fine Arts Academies, Bedichek Einstein, Jr., Innovation Academy at Martin); or a dual language program, must apply directly to those programs. If approved, the student shall enroll and maintain participation in the program for which the transfer is granted. If the student withdraws from the program, he or she shall return to the home campus at the end of that semester.

General Transfer

General transfers may be requested when the student does not qualify for one of the other types of transfers and shall be approved contingent on available space. Special consideration shall be given to a student who has attended a school based on residential address for at least two consecutive school years and then moves into another AISD attendance area. The parent/guardian may submit a general transfer for consideration to remain at that school.

Approval/Denial Process

Initial processing of general transfer requests will be determined by a lottery, and approval or denial letters will be sent to the family. When a request is denied, an appeal may be made to the Associate Superintendent who has the responsibility for the requested school. A final appeal may be made to the Superintendent, and, if needed, a petition may be made to the Board of Trustees, in accordance with state law.