Transfer Process FAQs

Transfer Process FAQs

  1. Should we register online before submitting a transfer request? 
    Online registration opens on Jan. 9, 2023. If your student is new to AISD, and you live within AISD boundaries, please register online first. If you live out of district, in online registration, please select "Campus pending - out of district address". This will generate an ID number which will allow you to apply for a transfer online. If your student is not new to AISD you can still register online starting Jan. 9, 2023. 
  2. When I register online, the assigned school is not the school I will be requesting. Will registering online “lock in” my student’s home school?
    No. If your student is approved for a transfer to another school, that information will be updated.
  3. How do I submit a transfer request?
    There are four ways to submit a request: online, email, mail, or curbside. (Visit the main transfer page for details). If you are submitting an out-of-district request, the online process can only be used if you've gone through the online registration first. We will begin accepting out of district transfers on Wednesday, February 8, 2023
  4. Do I need to provide anything other than the request form?
    Yes. When you submit a transfer request, you’ll need to attach or upload a copy of your ID, proof of residence (current lease, current mortgage statement, gas bill within 45 days, or electric bill within 45 days), and if your student is new to the district, a copy of his or her birth certificate.
  5. Is it better to submit a transfer request on the first day they are being accepted (Jan. 9, 2023)?

    No. Any request received Jan. 9–Feb. 7, 2023 for in-district students, will receive equal consideration. In other words, requests are not processed in first come, first served order during this time. 
  6. In what order are transfers processed?
    1. Priority transfers to non-frozen schools are processed first. Priority transfers can be submitted between Jan. 9–Feb. 7, 2023.
    2. After priority transfers are processed, principals of non-frozen schools are asked how many spaces they have at each grade available for transfers. A lottery is run for general transfers. If there are more requests than spaces, a waitlist will be generated.
    3. Transfer requests to frozen schools are processed last so that the denial letter can include a list of schools that do have space.
    4. Transfers received on or after Feb. 8, 2023 are processed by date/time stamped order.
  7. How long will it take to get a decision letter for transfer requests submitted in January?
    Our goal is to send decisions for January submissions by the 2nd week in April.
  8. Does AISD accept out-of-district requests? 
    Yes, beginning Feb. 8, 2023.
  9. What happens if my student is on a waitlist?
    Principals of non-frozen schools can open up spaces at a grade level at any time. If space is opened, the next request(s) on the waitlist will be approved and a letter emailed home. Waitlist numbers can be monitored in the Parent Portal in the Online Student Transfer Request tile.
  10. Can I appeal a denied transfer request?
    Yes, you have 15 district business days to appeal a denial. Instructions are included in the denial letter. Appeals can be submitted online in the Parent Portal using the Online Student Transfer Request tile.
  11. If my student has been accepted into a magnet or application program (including Dual Language), do I have to submit a transfer request?
    No. If you have an acceptance letter from a magnet or application program, a transfer form is not necessary. Student Services receives data from campuses letting us know who has committed to a magnet or application program and we create approved transfers based on those data.
  12. Which schools are frozen to transfers for the 2023–24 school year? 

    Each year, we determine which schools will be frozen to transfers because they have, or are expected to have, enrollments that exceed their capacities. Some schools also may be frozen to maintain stability in tracking patterns. 

  13. Where can I learn more about the district's transfer policy?
    View the AISD Student Transfer Policy online.

  14. I have additional questions. Who should I contact?
    Let's Talk website.