Although the Net Zero Challenge is over, these directions for capturing your work in a video are still accurate.  Making a screencast of your Minecraft: Education Edition worlds is a great way to share your final product with a teacher.


Creating The Video

Nobody can see your world in the game unless you are hosting it live. Using these directions, you can share your creations with classmates or teachers as a video. 


We suggest using Screencastify to create your video. (Students may use other software as long as an .mp4 version can be shared with the Austin ISD staff sponsor.) 
🎥 How to install Screencastify - YouTube video

Start a new video recording using the Screencastify extension and make sure you select the Application Window for Minecraft: Education Edition before starting the recording.  Show and tell us all about your sustainable build.
🎥 How to record using Screencastify - YouTube video

When you are done, press the ‘stop’ button. Export your final video as an .mp4 file and upload the file to your Google Drive.  
🎥 Export the video and share it with your staff sponsor - YouTube Video


<Challenge submission directions have been removed since the challenge has concluded.>