Technology Integration

Director: Erin Bown-Anderson
(512) 414-9205
(512) 414-9361 fax

Technology Integration combines technology and teaching into a transparent process for all instructional staff.

Technology Support

Director: Lewis Wynn
(512) 414-9205
(512) 414-9361 fax

Technology Support is the point of contact for all technology issues. More>

Management Information Systems

Director: Brenda Richmond
(512) 414-9201
(512) 414-9367 fax

The Management Information Systems maintains all of AISD's operational systems, including student information systems, Human Resources applications and the AISD Cloud. More>

Network Support Services

Director: John Kohlmorgan
(512) 414-9292
(512) 414-9367 fax

Network Services maintains the district's technology infrastructure and network operations, including network security. More>

Project Management

Ed Hill - PMP
(512) 414-8918

The Project Management team is responsible for large scale technology implementations that require preparation, planning and calculated implementation. More>