What is blended learning?

Blended learning is an approach that combines face-to-face classroom instruction with online learning. The face-to-face learning experience is closely aligned to the online learning experience. Students, at least in part, have some control over the time, pace, path and place of their learning. 

What will BLEND offer my child? 

BLEND is a learning positioning system that allows teachers to provide instructional support, class calendars, assignments and resources for students in a safe online environment. Features within BLEND are intended to be used to amplify the best practices of teachers and enhance the skills and interests of students. BLEND provides learning, assessment and organization tools that allows users to be more efficient and effective in their day to day teaching and learning tasks. BLEND will not replace the district gradebook (TEAMS).

BLEND is designed to:

  • Improve teachers' capacity to understand and serve your child at an individual level
  • Enable your child to create ePortfolios, where he or she can keep work from grades K-12
  • Enable your child to self-identify his or her strengths and weaknesses, setting personal learning goals and accessing appropriate resources to meet those goals
  • Provide your child with collaborative learning experiences that improve social learning interactions and support diversity
  • Provide opportunities for your child to learn about and apply responsible digital citizenship

Will parents have access to BLEND?

Parents will have their own accounts in BLEND that allows access to view their child’s courses through the BLEND Parent Portal. In BLEND, a parent has a role called an observer. Observers have limited permissions that allow them to see what is going on in a course and a calendar of assignments.

What can parents view in BLEND?

Below are some of the features available to parents/observers. Please note that not all courses use all features. 

  • Set your Notifications
  • View the Dashboard
  • View the course syllabus
  • View but not submit assignments
  • Preview and download some files
  • View the modules page
  • View canvas grades
  • View the calendar
  • Communicate with the teacher​

How will parents access BLEND?

  • An introduction to BLEND: http://bit.ly/BLENDparentTOUR
  • BLEND can be accessed through the Austin ISD Portal at: https://portal.austinisd.org
  • Your username and password are the same as your Austin ISD Parent Portal account. 
  • If you are experiencing trouble with Austin ISD Portal or BLEND Parent Portal login or password, please contact (student services)
  • Parents should not use their student's login credentials. ​
  • The Canvas Parent app, which allows you to access BLEND, is available in Google Play and the App Store for tablets and smartphones. Windows devices use the browser. ​
  • BLEND is new to the District and campuses are developing plans for parents as observers. If you have specific questions about how your child’s campus is using BLEND, please contact the campus.