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AISD business systems

AISD is reinventing the urban school experience to create an effective, agile and responsive organization to meet the needs of 130 schools and take care of business for a $1 billion educational enterprise.

To help AISD increase efficiency, transparency and predictability, Austin voters approved $7 million in bond investments to create a new business management system that better integrates the district's financial and human resources systems.

The new Business Operations for Learning and Teaching—BOLT—will streamline AISD's payroll, benefits and time and attendance applications. BOLT, which is powered by Ciber and Infor, replaces Workforce and IFAS, which the district has used for the past 15 years.

Mandatory training for all employeees is underway.


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Learn more about the project from Nicole Conley, chief financial officer, and Michael Houser, chief human capital officer, in their message to principals, team members, business partners and stakeholders, "Coming in 2016: A Better Way to Do Business—and Take Care of People." Also, review the progress to date 

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AISD invites principals and team members to inform the development of the new business management system through a collaborative “enterprise resource planning” process, commonly abbreviated as ERP.

Project team leads are reaching out to team members who work in accounting, purchasing and human capital and at schools for insights and feedback. In addition, the project team invites team members throughout the district to share their perspectives and to test the new system.

Connect with the Project Team

To learn more about the project or how to participate in the development of the new business systems, please contact Richard Wilson, project manager, at 512-414-9214 or