Join us for the 2020 Personalized Learning Conference! 


We're back for the 2nd Annual AISD Personalized Learning Conference! This multi-day conference is a celebration of teaching and learning and provides Austin ISD PreK-12 educators the opportunity to cultivate new skills, knowledge, and resources, meet with instructional leaders and collaborate with fellow educators for the benefit of all students. 

Join us for the 2020 Personalized Learning Conference and experience high quality professional learning as honored professionals, develop connections and relationships for future support, experience personalization to design it for classrooms, and advance district priorities; binding content to AISD's bigger instructional vision, including Differentiation and Mastery, Culturally Proficient and Responsive Teaching Practices, and Student Agency.


WHEN: Monday - Wednesday, August 3-5, 2020

WHERE: Akins High School, 10701 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78748


Have an idea for a session and want to submit a proposal? Learn more here!


Campus based exempt staff participating in the AISD EDU Personalized Learning Conference in August will receive six (6) Professional Learning Exchange Day (PLED) credits for each day attended. The maximum number of PLED credits is twelve (12).

What is AISD EDU? 

AISD EDU is a collaborative venture of AISD Professional Learning, Technology Integration, Academics and SEL, & School Leadership, offering personalized learning for teachers and staff throughout the year. AISD supports the intentional use of instructional methods designed to increase equity. Personalized learning provides opportunities in which participants are empowered to control their own learning.