Professional Learning Department

Continuous and innovative professional learning aligned to the district's mission and strategic plan fosters a growth mindset, an urgency for change, and results in meaningful change in practice, ensuring that students become college, career, and life ready.


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How and when will teachers and staff receive training?

As of Aug 7, 2020: When remote learning began in March and April, there was a great effort to prepare our teachers for the new context. Teams from throughout the district as well as our own teacher leaders stepped up to begin supporting each other. Professional learning for teachers has continued throughout the summer. Teachers have access to close to 500 synchronous (live) sessions over the summer as well as targeted courses provided asynchronously (online at their own pace). We have had close to 14,000 registrations in our systems for these sessions and that doesn’t account for a lot of independent and self-paced learning teachers have been doing.

In preparation for reopening, AISD will structure all professional learning into four main priorities:

  • Welcome Back and Health/Safety Orientation
  • Whole-child, Trauma-informed, Social and Emotional Learning, Culturally Proficient and Inclusive Practices
  • Learning Standards to Guide the Student Experience and Communicate Progress Toward Mastery
  • High-Quality Online Experiences, Interaction and Feedback

Beginning August 18, teachers will receive a professional learning “playlist” that outlines the key learning goals, requirements and choice learning opportunities in these four categories. Two days of professional learning will be provided by the district for staff to reflect, self-assess and continue their journey toward key competencies in these four professional learning priority areas. Additional days prior to students returning will provide teachers the opportunity to work with their campus communities and learn about campus-specific procedures, protocols and priorities. Days will also include dedicated planning and preparation time for the return of students.

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Additional Resources and Training Opportunities:



Austin ISD defines the term professional learning as a comprehensive, sustained approach to improving all employees' effectiveness in supporting the realization of the district's Vision and Strategic Plan. Professional learning is aligned to the district's curriculum, instructional programs, and initiatives, with the ultimate purpose of improving student achievement.

Professional Learning Theory of Action

If we empower educators and build their capacity to design, facilitate, and support highly engaged learning in a psychologically, physically and emotionally safe environment where students collaborate, communicate, create, connect, cultivate cultural proficiency, and think critically then our students will be inspired to be designers of the changing world.

Human Capital Platform Professional Learning Management System

Human Capital Platform—also known as the HCP—houses the district's Professional Learning Management System that allows employees to register for AISD professional learning and training opportunities. Staff can browse the catalog for activities that will enhance their professional/job skills, or search the catalog for specific activities recommended by their manager or principal. New learning opportunities are frequently added to the Human Capital Platform which is accessed through the ASID portal.

If you have questions or need assistance with registering through the Human Capital Platform, please contact the Center for Professional Learning at 414-3976.

Center for Professional Learning

AISD's Center for Professional Learning is located at the New HQ, located at 4000 South IH-35. The Center's office hours are 8 a.m.–5 p.m. and the main phone number is 512-414-3976. Follow on Twitter @AustinISDPL. Rooms may be reserved by submitting the Room Request form below:

Professional Learning Studio

The AISD Center for Professional Learning maintains a studio which is used for creating and editing electronic professional learning products. For questions or reservations for the Professional Learning Studio, please contact Mark Gurgel at 512-414-0344,