Talent Acquisition and Development | Professional Learning

The Department of Professional Learning 

Effective staff learning focuses on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required of teachers, administrators, and other school employees so that all students can learn and perform at
high levels.

people standing in front of training materials

The Professional Learning Department offers many services that speak to different stages of our employees’ careers so they can learn, grow and improve their craft. The PL Team is committed to meeting the diverse needs of our staff members, ensuring they have the individualized support and guidance necessary to provide their students with a rich and engaging instructional experience.

For more information, please click here to download the professional development guide.

Our goal is to provide professional learning which will ensure:

  • qualified personnel in every classroom/ department
  • effective leadership for every campus
  • high levels of continuous learning for all
  • application of learning to benefit students

Human Capital Platform (HCP) Professional Learning Management System

Human Capital Platform (HCP) houses the district's Professional Learning Management System that allows employees to register for AISD professional learning and training opportunities. Staff can browse the catalog for activities that will enhance their professional/job skills, or search the catalog for specific activities recommended by their manager or principal. New learning opportunities are frequently added to the Human Capital Platform. The Human Capital Platform is accessed through the AISD cloud.

If you have questions or need assistance with registering through the Human Capital Platform, please contact the Professional Learning Center at 414-3976.

Center for Professional Learning

AISD's Center for Professional Learning (CPL) is located on the third floor of the Baker Campus, 3908 Avenue B Austin, TX 78751. The Center's office hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and the main phone number is 512-414-3976.

Rooms may be reserved by submitting the appropriate form to Sarah James, sarah.james@austinisd.org

Professional Learning Studio

The AISD Center for Professional Learning maintains a studio which is used for creating and editing electronic professional learning products. It is located at the Baker Center in room 103 and available for use by AISD employees. For questions or reservations for the Professional Learning Studio, please contact David Reinhart at 512-414-0344, david.reinhart@austinisd.org.