Leadership Pathways, Leadership Pathways Plus 1, and PDUs

PPfT Leadership Pathways

Leadership Pathways is an optional professional learning opportunity within the Professional Pathways for Teachers (PPfT) Human Capital System.  This rigorous, two-year program supports teachers’ professional growth, development, and leadership in a district priority area.

Currently there are six pathways that have been built under the PPFT Human Capital System*. 

  • Advanced Academics Leadership Pathway
  • Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness Leadership Pathway
  • Literacy Leadership Pathway
  • Project-Based Learning Leadership Pathway
  • Social & Emotional Learning Leadership Pathway
  • Transformative Technology Leadership Pathway

*The pathways offered may change as district priorities and needs change.

Each Leadership Pathway consists of four micro-credentials. Teachers complete one micro-credential per semester over the course of two years. The process for each micro-credential includes

  • Engagement in 12 hours of specific, professional learning designed by district content experts,
  • Application of that learning into classroom practice, and
  • Reflection on the impact the application had on their teaching and student learning.

Each Leadership Pathway empowers and grows participating AISD teachers, allowing them to become leaders on their campus or throughout the district. 

Leadership Pathways are optional compensation point-earning opportunities. Teachers who have chosen to pursue Leadership Pathways will be required to engage in the learning activities outside of their regular teaching duties.

For more information on how Leadership Pathways fits into the PPfT Compensation System, please visit the PPfT Compensation website

2021-2022 Leadership Pathway Cohorts

The pathways that will begin new cohorts for the 21-22 school year are Project-Based Learning, Social & Emotional Learning, and Transformative Technology.

The pathways that will offer year two with the 20-21 cohorts are Advanced Academics, Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness, and Transformative Technology.

Check out our 2019-2020 LP Cohort Graduates here!

Opting into Leadership Pathways

Teachers who are interested in joining a Leadership Pathway may opt-in through the Cloud-based app during the spring window Leadership Pathway Opt-In Window to begin their Leadership Pathway work for the following school year.  

Leadership Pathway Resources

Teachers or staff who are interested in learning more about the Leadership Pathways Program or the individual Leadership Pathway content should visit the AISD Leadership Pathway internal website. AISD login credentials are required for access.

Leadership Pathway Support Contact Information

Kimberly Valenzuela
Coordinator, Employee Effectiveness 

Leadership Pathways Plus 1

The Leadership Pathways Plus 1 (LP+1) program is available for experienced Leadership Pathway teachers who are not participating in a new Leadership Pathway or a PDU option during a given school year.

LP+1 Goals

LP+1 Teachers will:

  • extend the learning of experienced LP teachers in their respective district priority area,
  • provide opportunities for experienced LP teachers to serve in a leadership role, and
  • grant an additional route to increased salary under PPfT Compensation.

LP+1 Expectations

The LP+1 teacher will:

  • share their LP knowledge and skills in the capacity of either mentor, professional learning facilitator, or micro-credential submission scorer;
  • serve in this leadership role while adhering to the district’s core beliefs as outlined in our strategic plan;
  • provide status updates to the LP project manager per established protocol; and
  • furnish required documentation to evidence the fulfillment of these expectations and all obligations pertaining to their LP+1 option by the established deadlines.

Opting-in to Leadership Pathways Plus 1

Interested teachers may opt in to an LP+1 option during the month of August as long as they are not currently participating in a Leadership Pathway or PDU. Information about the LP+1 Opt-In Window will be emailed to eligible teachers from leadershippathways@austinisd.org in August.

LP Plus 1 Resources

Teachers or staff interested in learning more about LP+1, please click here. AISD login credentials are required for access.

Leadership Pathways Plus 1 Support Contact Information

Kimberly Valenzuela
Coordinator, Employee Effectiveness 

Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Professional Development Units (PDUs) are optional and are similar to action-research projects where teams of teachers identify a need that they plan to focus on throughout the year and develop a plan of study and implementation to address that need. 

PDUs are designed to be a rigorous long-term study in which teachers utilize a repeating cycle of engagement in PD/research, implementation in the classroom, data collection, and evaluation. Team members must be willing to work closely together and devote time in and out of the classroom to successfully complete the process. PDUs culminate in the submission of an online product that meets specific criteria. Those interested in pursuing a PDU will apply at the end of August to begin the process by the end of September.*

*Teachers are not eligible to participate in PDUs and Leadership Pathways concurrently.

Opting-in to PDUs

All current AISD teachers who are interested in participating in a PDU will opt-in to the PDU process during the fall window through an AISD Cloud based app. Once opted-in, PDU members will be added to a BLEND course to guide their work and allow for submission of PDU assignments.

PDU Resources

Teachers or staff interested in learning more about the PDU resources, please visit the AISD PDU internal website. AISD login credentials are required for access.

PDU Support Contact Information

Omar Castillo
Coordinator, Employee Effectiveness