Talent Acquisition and Development | Assistant Principal Preparation Program

Assistant Principal Preparation Program (AP3)

Assistant Principals in Austin ISD must understand the dynamics and culture of not only their campuses, but the diversity, needs, and vision for the district as a whole. The Assistant Principal Preparation Program (AP3), prepares a select cohort of experienced Austin ISD educators to become assistant principals. The Academy provides cohort members the opportunity to gain targeted professional development focused on the qualities and skills needed to be a successful assistant principal on an Austin ISD campus. Curriculum is grounded in the Instructional Leadership and Practice Strands of the Campus Administrator Performance Review (CAPR) and the AISD Leadership Framework. 

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  • To target, plan, and implement strategies that support and operationalize the AISD Leadership Framework.
  • To develop individual capacity for current and future leadership roles.
  • To prepare teacher leaders for assistant principal positions within Austin ISD.

Cohort Selection

  • Announcement of upcoming cohort and call for applications takes place in February of the previous school year.
  • Applicant submissions are screened by a committee comprised of leaders from the Office of Talent Aquisition and Development, Human Resources, and the Office of Teaching and Learning.
  • AP3 appointments are announced in May for the upcoming school year.
  • Click HERE for 2018-2019 cohort application information.

Cohort Criteria

  • Current Austin ISD teacher, instructional coach and non-teaching professionals.
  • Currently holds an Administrative Certification or are scheduled to complete master’s degree coursework by August 1, 2016 and has two years of successful service as a teacher or non-teaching professional.

2017-2018 AP3 Cohort Members

Click here to view this current AP3 cohort. Detailed bios to come.

Program Components

  • Cohort will meet 10 times for after school/evening professional development sessions. Curriculum and session topics will be based on the campus administrator appraisal standards (CAPR), and the AISD Leadership Framework with a focus on urban leadership.
  • Cohort will also engage in outside learning activities including, but not limited to; scenario reflection, interview preparation, scholarly article analysis, and other job specific tasks.
  • Leadership Development staff meet in the fall with building principals and cohort members jointly to explore leadership opportunities on their specific campus. 

Executive Leadership Initiative (ELI)

Program members will complete an Executive Leadership Initiative (ELI) that addresses an identified academic or systemic need. The objective of the ELI is to strengthen the executive leadership skills defined in Standard Three of the Instructional Leadership and Practices (ILP) rubric used in the Campus Administrator Performance Review (CAPR), as well as Core Competency 6 of the AISD Leadership Framework.. The initiative can be a continuation of a program of improvement currently under the direction of the academy member, or it can be developed from the ground up in conjunction with campus leadership based on data analysis or demonstrated campus need. Proposals for the ELI must be received by October 13, 2017. The ELI is intended to increase the leadership capacity of each individual AP3 member in their current position with a focus on modeling personal responsibility and a sustained focus on improving student outcomes. Find examples of 2016-2017 ELI's here, here, and here.

AP3 Syllabus

2017-2018 AP3 Syllabus

  • All APPA meeting dates, content, and instructors are detailed in the syllabus above.