New Principal Institute 

Whether new to AISD or new to the principalship, campus leaders must learn how to reinvent the Urban Education Experience Together. New Principal Institute is a two-day induction program facilitated by district leader which focuses on teaching the core AISD leadership initiatives to lay the foundation for leading a successful school community.

Novice Principal Coaching 

The Novice Principal Coaching program offers a coaching model that pairs effective and successful retired AISD principals with novice principals. Assignments are made by the Office of Educator Quality in collaboration with the Office of Teaching and Learning. Coaches provide ongoing support through a variety of interactions including campus visits and remote support. They also serve together as a coaching cadre to augment their own service delivery and enhance the experience of the first year principals.

Novice principals are defined as new principals with less than a semester’s experience as a campus principal.  Novice principals will be supported by the Novice Principal Coaching program in their “first year” of service as a campus principal.  Interim principals who receive support for two semesters will not be considered “novice” principals for the upcoming year if they continue to serve as campus principals. A principal who enters in the second semester of the school year will receive support for the entire academic year that follows.


  • Advance the efforts of the district’s human capital strategy to retain talented administrators and campus leaders.
  • Provide high quality support for novice principals so their first year is successful, rewarding, and advances the district’s strategic plan.

Support Structure

Each novice principal will have unique needs.  Coaches will differentiate the sessions to meet the needs of the principal while maintaining an equal amount of support for each novice principal. Each novice principal will receive four hours of support in September, October, November, January, February, March, April and May. In December and June, each principal will receive two hours of support.  There will be no coaching activities in the months of July and August.  An hour of preparation time will be allotted each month for each coach. Coaches will also meet monthly together for collaborative planning and training for two hours.

Coaching Training and Resources

  • New York City Leadership Academy - All coaches trained in Facilitative Competency-Based Coaching
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Leadership Performance Planning Worksheet (LPPW)

The Leadership Performance Planning Worksheet (LPPW) is introduced to the novice principals during the initial coaching meeting. This document is used throughout the year to guide the coaching conversations and ensure a competency-based program.

While this document was created by New York City Leadership Academy in consultation with the Wallace Foundation, the version utilized has been adapted specifically for Austin ISD.