The Department of Leadership Development

At Austin ISD, we encourage you to pursue leadership opportunities and we have a robust training program to support your journey.

  • The AISD Urban Education Leadership Academy provides a year-long training for prospective principals and assistant principals. Participants receive classroom training based on AISD’s proprietary curriculum and have monthly opportunities to learn from district leaders.
  • Through a special collaboration with AISD, Texas State University offers a master’s program for select AISD teachers working on a principal certification.
  • The AISD Novice Principal Program supports new principals with one-on-one coaching from a retired principal, and the new principal cohort meets for monthly gatherings.
  • In addition to these programs, AISD also offers a professional learning series for assistant principals during the school year and summer.

AISD has crafted a leadership training experience that incorporates a tailored curriculum, multiple learning modalities and valuable face time with seasoned mentors. At AISD, we applaud you as an aspiring leader, and we actively help you achieve your goals.

Are you interested in being a campus leader in AISD?

In order to best serve our students, staff, and campus communities, AISD has developed a leadership framework that encompasses the skills and knowledge campus administrators must possess to provide a positive impact on the learning community. The AISD Leadership Framework is composed of four competencies and seventeen indicators.

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The Principal and Assistant Principal Pool for the 2020-2021 school year is now open. 

If you believe your passion, determination, and skills align with our Leadership Framework, we encourage you to submit an application for our 2021-2022 Principal or Assistant Principal application pool. Once you apply, you would then complete the interviews and assessment centers that are designed to find the best possible leaders for our students. See more information about the application and selection process here!


August - May: Peak recruitment season; Recruitment is conducted year-long

September - April: Peak application season; Applications are reviewed

November - April: HireVue invitations sent to qualified candidates

October - May: Vacancies are announced and posted

December - May: Qualified candidates identified for vacancies

October - May: Interviews conducted with qualified candidates

January - May: Peak season for notifying Board of Trustees. 

Leadership Pathways Opportunities

Urban Education Leadership Academy 


Assistant Principal Evening Learning Series

All AISD assistant principals are invited to attend our AP Evening Learning Series sessions. These evenings are dedicated to the personal and professional capacity growth of our assistant principals. All content is aligned with the AISD Leadership Framework.

Dates: All sessions will be held from 5-7 pm

Assistant Principal Preparation Program (AP3)

Assistant Principals in Austin ISD must understand the dynamics and culture of not only their campuses, but the diversity, needs, and vision for the district as a whole. The Assistant Principal Preparation Program (AP3), prepares a select cohort of experienced Austin ISD educators to become assistant principals.

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Principal Preparation Program

The Principal Preparation Program (P3) is designed to prepare a select cohort of experienced Austin ISD assistant principals and academy directors to successfully enter the urban principalship.

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New Principal Institute 

New Principal Institute is a two-day induction program facilitated by district leader which focuses on teaching the core AISD leadership initiatives to lay the foundation for leading a successful school community.

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The University of Texas at Austin Texas Principal Leadership Academy

Interested in pursuing a Master of Education and Principalship Certification?

For more information, visit us online to learn about our Principalship Program!


Texas State University