PPfT Compensation

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Professional Pathways for Teachers (PPfT) is a collaboration between Austin Independent School District, Education Austin, and American Federation of Teachers (AFT) to design a Human Capital System that blends appraisal, compensation, leadership pathways and professional development.

Compensation for teachers is a high priority for Austin ISD. However, budget constraints have created a situation where teacher pay has been stagnant. With no true relief in sight, it is imperative to look at teacher compensation differently. The current system of “steps and lanes” does not provide teachers with any control of their salary. The Professional Pathways for Teachers creates a new system in which teachers can choose a pathway that best suits their needs and aspirations while valuing high-quality teaching and professional development. To accomplish this task, a working group of teachers, principals, administrators, and Education Austin developed a system that will best fit Austin ISD. PPfT is a system that compensates professional growth and classroom expertise.  For the PPfT system, a teacher is defined as directly instructing students 50% or more of the instructional day and whose title is teacher in the HR system.

To review the components of PPfT Compensation, please see the 19-20 Compensation Support Guide

The Framework

The PPfT Compensation Framework is base-building, which means it adds permanent pay increases to a teacher’s regular salary. This framework does not impact stipends, and teachers will still be able to earn all stipends as before. 

The framework builds the base through a point system. Teachers will earn professional points each year. Points are cumulative and determine the amount of the base increase. Teachers can earn points from four elements: Current Year of Service, Appraisal, Professional Development Unit, and Leadership Pathways.

Elements Professional Points Per Year
Current Year of Service 1
Appraisal Standard Enhanced
Effective 4 6
Highly Effective 7 12
Distinguished 10 20
PDU (Professional Development Unit)


Leadership Pathways Professional Points (Per 2 Years)
4 Micro-Credentials & Badge 15

Base Salary Increases

As teachers earn points, they will become eligible for base salary increases.  Teachers earn increases for their years of service under PPfT Compensation, and for overall appraisal score at the end of the school year. Teachers my also earn additional points by successfully participating in optional compensation components Professional Development Units or Leadership Pathways. Points translate to dollars based on the point thresholds described here, and are based on a 187 day teacher contract. 

When a teacher’s total appraisal points for one year total 5, they will receive a base salary increase of $500. The points earned are cumulative and banked each year.  When a teacher has earned 10 points, they will receive an additional increase of $750. For each 10 point increase after this, they will continue to add an additional $750 to their base salary. The base increase will be added to the teacher’s salary for the following year. For example, once a teacher earns 5 points, the teacher will receive a $500 increase to the base salary. Once the teacher earns an additional 5 points for a total of 10 points, the teacher will earn another $750 increase. The next increase would come at 20 points. The amount associated with the points is only earned once but the base increase is permanent.  

Professional Points Base Increase
5 $500
10-300 pt. max. $750 per ea. 10 pt. increment achieved
For each increment of 10 (300 point maximum) there is a $750 increase

For more information, please download this Compensation Handbook.

Enhanced Compensation Campuses

Enhanced Compensation Campuses are defined as the top 25% of campuses at the elementary, middle, and high school levels with the highest instructional services index, which takes into account the percentage of economically disadvantaged students, percentage of students served in Bilingual/ESL programs, and the percentage of students served with special education programs. Multi-year improvement required campuses who are not in the top 25% will also be included. Enhanced Compensation Campuses are designed to provide recruitment and retention support to campuses.

Please refer to the list of campuses below for the 2018-2019 school year designated as enhanced compensation:


  • Andrews
  • Barrington
  • Brown
  • Cook
  • Dobie Pre-K
  • G. Thompson
  • Harris
  • Hart
  • Jordan
  • Langford
  • McBee
  • Overton
  • Padron
  • Pickle
  • Rodriguez
  • Sanchez
  • Walnut Creek
  • Webb Primary
  • Wooldridge
  • Wooten


  • Burnet
  • Dobie
  • Garcia
  • Sadler Means
  • Webb


  • Eastside Memorial
  • Lanier
  • Reagan
  • Travis

Improvement Required

  • Martin
  • Mendez
  • Widen

Optional PPfT Compensation Components

In addition to earning points for your overall appraisal and year of service, teachers interested in the opportunity to earn additional compensation points can participate in one of the two optional components of compensation- Professional Development Units (PDUs) or Leadership Pathways. To learn more about these two options from teachers who have participated in these offerings, please watch this video.

Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Professional Development Units (PDUs) are optional and are similar to action-research projects where teams of teachers identify a need that they plan to focus on throughout the year and then develop a plan of study and implementation to address that need. In order to be eligible to earn the 2 compensation points, PDU members must be enrolled in PPfT Compensation.

PDUs are designed to be a rigorous long-term study, in which teachers utilize a repeating cycle of engagement in PD/research, implementation in the classroom, data collection and evaluation. Team members must be willing to work closely together and devote time in and out of the classroom in order to successfully complete the process. PDUs culminate in the submission of an online product that meets specific criteria. Those interested in pursuing a PDU will apply at the end of August to begin the process by the end of September.*

*Teachers are not eligible for PDUs and LP concurrently.

Opting-in to PDUs

All current AISD teachers enrolled in PPfT Compensation that are interested in participating in a PDU will fill out a Google form below opting-in to the PDU process. Once opted-in, PDU members will be added to a BLEND Course to guide their work and allow for submission of PDU assignments.

PDU Opt-In Form

PDU Resources

Teachers or staff interested in learning more about the PDU resources, please visit the AISD internal website. AISD log in credentials required.

PDU Support Contact Information

Omar Castillo
Coordinator, Employee Effectiveness

Leadership Pathways

Leadership Pathways will provide teachers with the opportunity to develop their expertise in one of several areas of interest aligned with district priorities. These Leadership Pathways are intended to empower and grow all AISD teachers, allowing them to become leaders on their campus or throughout the district. These are optional for teachers to pursue based on their interest and schedules.

Teachers pursuing a Leadership Pathway participate in a two-year process focused on a specific district priority. The topics for 2019-2020 are Advanced Academics, Literacy, Problem-Based Learning, Social & Emotional Learning, and Transformative Technology. The process will allow teachers to earn micro-credentials in four targeted areas through engagement in professional learning, application of that learning into practice, and reflection on the impact to their teaching.

In order to participate in a Leadership Pathway, teachers must:

  • Have two years of teaching experience;
  • Have an effective or better rating on the PPfT Appraisal; and
  • Maintain that rating or better throughout the process.

Opting-in to Leadership Pathways

Teachers In the compensation system who are Interested may opt In for a Leadership Pathway. Invitations will be sent via email each year during April-May.

Leadership Pathway Resources

Teachers or staff interested in learning more about Leadership Pathways, please visit the AISD internal website. AISD log in credentials required.

Leadership Pathways Resource Site

Leadership Pathway Support Contact Information

Thymai Dong
Coordinator, Employee Effectiveness

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