Austin ISD has approved the Professional Pathways for Teachers (PPfT) Appraisal in response to the state’s requirement of a new teacher appraisal system. For the PPfT system, a teacher is defined as directly instructing students 50% or more of the instructional day and whose title is teacher in the HR system. The PPfT Appraisal is a multi-measure system that covers three areas:

  • Instructional Practice
  • Professional Growth and Responsibilities
  • Student Growth (School Wide Value Added & Student Learning Objectives)

2019-2020 PPfT Appraisal Information:

2019-2020 Appraisal Timeline (includes important details and deadlines)

2019-2020 Instructional Practice Rubric

Teachers or staff interested in rubrics and resources related to appraisals please visit our internal website. You must log in using your AISD credentials.

PPfT Appraisal Goals: 

The ultimate goal of the new teacher appraisal system is to promote professional growth for all teachers, encourage more frequent, timely and formative feedback and to incorporate multiple indicators of success, including measures of student growth. The new appraisal system will:

  • Foster open and collaborative campus cultures that focus on instructional growth, supportive and contextual feedback, and the development of individual and school wide practices that more effectively improve student learning;
  • Incorporate multiple measures of teacher effectiveness including in- and out-of-classroom indicators, student learning growth, and teacher self-reflection; and
  • Offer professional development that links to evaluation results.

PPfT Appraisal System Requirements

The creation of a new Austin ISD teacher appraisal and development system will:

  • Reflect Austin ISD’s priorities and values
  • Treat teaching as a profession
  • Promote collaboration
  • Provide for the continual professional development of teachers
  • Support student achievement and growth
  • Consider research and best practice
  • Be fair, reliable, equitable, and humanistic
  • Consider all teaching positions
  • Reflect multiple aspects of teaching
  • Be feasible and easily understood
  • Evolve as a work in progress
  • Work as a part of the larger Professional Pathways for Teachers system

PPfT Guiding Principles for Teacher Appraisal and Development

The new PPfT Appraisal will:

  • Be used for continual improvement
  • Meaningfully differentiate performance using at least three measures
  • Use multiple measures in determine performance levels, including as a “significant factor” – data on student growth for all students, and other measures of professional practice (e.g. observations based on rigorous teacher standards, teacher self-assessments, student surveys)
  • Evaluate teachers on a regular basis
  • Provide clear, timely and useful feedback, including feedback that identifies growth areas and guides professional development
  • Develop teachers for Leadership Pathways

Austin ISD Teacher Appraisal System History:

Austin ISD has piloted a multi-measure teacher appraisal that covered instructional practice, student growth, and professional expectations. In addition, the pilot included a student response survey and peer observation. The PPfT Appraisal is based on the lessons learned from the pilot appraisal.