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Campus Administrator Performance Review (CAPR)


The Campus Administrator Performance Review (CAPR) was developed in response to the state’s development of a new appraisal instrument for principals. The Texas Education Agency developed a new appraisal and through the process, created new standards to be used in appraisal. AISD convened a working group of principals, assistant principals, a teacher, and central administrators to develop a system that reflected the values of the district while maintaining the requirements of the state system. 

The System

CAPR is a multi-measure system that includes three components:Pie

  • Instructional Leadership and Practices (60%)
  • Administrator Performance Review (20%)
  • School-Wide Value-Added (20%)

Guiding Principles For Campus Administrator Appraisal And Development

The creation of a new Austin ISD administrator appraisal system will:

  • Promote continuous growth
  • Be equitable for all campus administrators
  • Keep the appraisal student centered and student focused
  • Monitor and refine the tool
  • Provide a comprehensive system with multiple sources of data and inclusive of all roles and leadership styles
  • Not be overly complex and will be clearly defined
  • Reflect district goals/priorities/values
  • Align to the teacher appraisal
  • Be the result of a collaborative process


The ultimate goal of the new administrator appraisal system is to promote professional growth for all administrators, encourage more frequent conferences and to incorporate multiple indicators of success. The new appraisal system will: 

  • Be a clear, collaborative, and comprehensive pathway for campus administrator growth;
  • Foster open and collaborative campus cultures that focus on instructional growth and the development of individual and school wide practices that effectively improves student learning; 
  • Incorporate multiple measures of effectiveness; 
  • Offer professional development that links to evaluation results.


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