Teaching Certification

Austin ISD is committed to hiring highly qualified teachers and teaching assistants. The following links will guide you through the routes to certification and explain the requirements and application process for each certification route. If you have questions or need any additional information, please contact the AISD Office of Human Resources at 512-414-1721.

Becoming a Classroom Teacher in Texas

University Based Programs
Alternative Certification Programs
Austin Teacher Academy
TEA Educator Certification and Standards
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Certification/Testing Website
Counselor and Librarian Permit Requirements

*We encourage all out-of-state and out-of-country applicants to apply immediately for the review of credentials, which can take up to four weeks.

Teachers Already Certified in Texas

All teachers employed with AISD must be certified in Texas and have a copy on file with the AISD Office of Human Resources. The certificate must be valid for employment in Texas public schools.

Services for certified teachers:

Adding Additional Areas to your Standard Teaching Certificate
Renewal of a Standard Certificate
Principal and Superintendent Certification
Student Services Certification

No Child Left Behind

The No Child Left Behind Act was reauthorized in 2001 with the intention of closing the achievement gap between groups of students by requiring greater accountability and offering increased flexibility and choice. The state of Texas requires all teachers of core content areas to be highly qualified; core content areas are art, English/language arts/reading, math, music, science, and social studies.

A highly qualified teacher has

  • earned a bachelor's degree,
  • demonstrated competency in the subject area assigned to teach,
  • obtained full state certification as a teacher or has passed the state teacher licensing examination and
  • not had certification or licensure requirements waived on an emergency, temporary or provisional basis.

For more information on NCLB guidelines, contact the Texas Education Agency Division of NCLB Program Coordination at 512-463-9374.