The Austin ISD Sustainability Plan will identify goals, and strategies and timelines to achieve those goals, in eight key action areas: air quality, energy, food, nature, procurement, transportation, waste, and water. Four subcommittees have been formed to tackle two of these action areas per subcommittee. The subcommittees consist of Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee members and other community members committed to the advancement of sustainability at Austin ISD.

For each action area, the subcommittees are identifying goals and strategies across three sustainability pillars:

  • Teaching & Learning – How are we equipping our teachers to be sustainability role models and preparing our students to be the next generation of sustainability leaders?
  • Infrastructure & Operations – How are we maximizing the efficiency and sustainability of our facilities, vehicle fleet, and operational systems?
  • Community & Culture – How are we building a culture of sustainability at Austin ISD that reflects the environmental, social, and economic values of the community we serve?

The combination of the above sustainability pillars and previously mentioned sustainability action areas comprise the Austin ISD sustainability framework.

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