Energy & Water


Austin ISD’s efforts to reduce energy and water consumption and costs are focused on eliminating waste by ensuring equipment is only operated when needed, utilizing energy and water efficiently by improving equipment and systems, and promoting the use of renewable energy and water resources. Our efforts will also reduce our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

Our strategies focus on:

  • establishing and maintaining an energy management system to plan, implement, and monitor activities that will continually improve our energy performance, whilst maintaining a comfortable and safe learning environment;
  • integrating responsible energy management and water conservation into building design and equipment for new and existing campuses;
  • providing opportunities for campus-level engagement;
  • aiming to provide at least 20% of the power consumed by Austin ISD facilities from non-emitting, renewable energy sources.

Austin ISD is among the top renewable energy purchasers in the nation amongst K-12 organizations. By the end of 2018, we will have over 1.6 MW of solar capacity installed on the roofs of our schools.

View the solar energy production at these schools:

Solar array at Austin HS - 148 KW-DC
Solar array at Lanier HS - 222 KW-DC
Solar array at Metz ES - 98 KW-DC
Solar array at Uphaus Early Childhood Center - 124 KW-DC

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