News from Dr. Cruz: Thanks to School Social Workers and Parent Support Specialists

Team AISD,

This week, Austin ISD honors school social workers and parent support specialists. Day in and day out, these employees do important work in serving our students, families and school communities.

A school social worker’s responsibilities are diverse and far-reaching, and the impact on our students is immeasurable. On any given day, a school social worker might coordinate resources for a homeless student, counsel a teen or work with a teacher to address a student’s individual needs. 

At 77 schools in our district, parent support specialists serve as connections between school and home. Their goal is to nurture a family-friendly environment and to help parents build and use leadership skills. They lead workshops to help parents support their child’s education, assist with the organization and operation of PTAs and provide referrals to community resources.

School social workers and parent support specialists are an integral part of our district. During School Social Worker Week and Parent Support Specialist Week, we have the opportunity to recognize their contributions. Take time to thank them, this week and every week. 

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.