News from Dr. Cruz: Dropout Prevention

Team AISD,

Ensuring that every student succeeds requires a tailored approach to education. That includes students who are excelling and those who are struggling.

For our students who are at risk of dropping out, the AISD Twilight Program offers a support system that addresses both academic and social needs. 

Twilight is for students who are working to regain credit hours or who have re-enrolled in school. The program provides evening classes as well as online, self-paced courses. Students are offered bus passes and daycare, and dinner is provided at Title I campuses.

Carolyn Griego, who oversees Twilight, says that evaluation is essential. 

"Every year, we look at what's working so we can replicate successful efforts," she said. "We're constantly evaluating the program and modifying to meet the needs of students."

Thanks to each of you who embodies the belief that "all means all." Your commitment to excellence makes me #AISDproud.

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.