News from Dr. Cruz: Building the New

Oct. 14, 2014

Team AISD,

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” -Socrates​

Throughout their lives, Bertha Sadler Means and Gus Garcia fought hard to make sure every child had access to a quality education. At the dedication ceremony of the schools named in their honor, I was grateful that these courageous leaders could also be part of “building the new.”

The district’s two new single-gender middle schools were first a dream, then a plan and now a reality. As I have visited the schools and talked with students and staff, I have been moved by what a difference these schools are already making in the lives of students. I am confident that the support is in place to put these young men and women on the path to success.

If we are courageous and make decisions that will help all of our students, we will see the difference that these changes make in individual students’ lives.

Throughout the district, educators are bringing about positive change. Whether it’s a unique approach to instruction, or an innovative classroom design or a memorable lesson—I see so much energy and dedication to “building the new.”

For students who greeted me at the door at the dedication ceremony this past weekend, the new school represents not only a new beginning, but a more promising future.

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.
Interim Superintendent