News from Dr. Cruz: Best of the Best

Team AISD,

Austin ISD students are making great academic strides and making a great name for our district. They are exceeding national standards and achieving accolades from the state.

Last week, the Texas Education Agency released their academic distinctions report. These rankings compare schools from throughout the state and acknowledge the best of the best in areas such as reading, math, student progress and post-secondary readiness. 

Sixty-seven AISD schools received at least one academic distinction, and five of our schools earned every possible distinction!

Our students are also going to college—and sticking with it. The most recent data available show that 65 percent of students enrolled in college within the first year of graduating high school and 82 percent continued on past their freshman year. This is called a persistence rate, and AISD students beat the national average by 10 percentage points. 

These incredible accomplishments are a testament to the hard work of campus staff and employees who are working behind the scenes.

You set the bar high, and you provide the support students need to achieve their best. Thank you for your dedication!

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.