News From Dr. Cruz: April is Autism Awareness Month

Team AISD,

April is Autism Awareness Month, and at Austin ISD, we work hard to support all our students every day of the year—all means all.

Teachers, families, community partners and administrators collaborate to help our students achieve their best. Those partnerships support our students with autism and help them grow both academically and socially.

One of every 68 children in the United States has been identified with autism spectrum disorder, which is characterized by difficulty with interacting and communicating with others, repetitive behaviors, and more. The level of impairment varies from person to person.

These developmental challenges are faced by students and families of all ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds.

I'm proud to recognize the dedication of everyone who helps our students aim high, and I hope you'll take a moment to commend your colleagues as they support our students on their path to success.

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.

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