Licensed Mental Health Professionals

In support of children living a balanced, safe and healthy life; Licensed Mental Health Professionals (LMHP) partner with the school, family, and community to provide support to students facing challenges that interfere with their academic and interpersonal success. 

Services provided by LMHPs 

  • Assessing and assisting students with mental health concerns in collaboration with other district providers.   
  • Designing interventions to remove barriers to learning and promote academic and social and emotional success.
  • Providing consultation to school personnel, parents/guardians, and community for the purpose of enhancing their understanding of student needs, developing effective interventions, and building school capacity. 
  • Providing direct mental health services (support and/or short-term counseling) with children and guardians.
  • Assisting with program development and implementation in support of student academic and social and emotional success. 
  • Coordinating and/or delivering trainings and workshops for teachers, school staff and parents.
  • Obtaining and coordinating community resources to meet students' needs.
  • Ensuring that students and families are provided services within the context of multicultural understanding and competence.
  • Facilitating crisis response across the district as a member of the district crisis response team. 

Accessing LMHP Services

LMHPs are available to support students and families with complex needs across Austin Independent School District. Referrals to an LMHP are made through the campus counselors, administrators and child study teams.  For additional information on LMHP services, please contact Kim Eerkes, School Mental Health Coordinator, at 512-414-4052 or via email at


LMHP group photo
Back row, left to right: Amanda Toohey, Sarah Shaney, Dana Jones, Helen Evans, Vedria Millage, Ashley Shute, Rosie Arredondo, Bree Borgsteadt, Karen McGarity, Sarah Key, Gabby Mora
Front row, left to right: Mernel Lovell, Kim Eerkes (SMHC), Lizette Vannoy, Nicole Garcia



Members of the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support department 

Dana Jones and Becky Murillo