Austin ISD Headquarters

Austin ISD headquarters facility at Southfield property

Austin ISD New Headquarters Building

Welcome! This page is the source for the most recent information on Austin ISD's new HQ.

In 2017, Austin ISD sold the Carruth Administration Center on West Sixth Street and the Baker Center on Avenue B. The district purchased the property, located at 4000 S. IH-35 at the northwest corner of IH-35 and E. Ben White Blvd., a nine-story 142,000-square-foot facility where staff from three different facilities will be co-located. 

The overall purpose of the move is to create a more efficient and cost-effective workspace for the more than 700 employees who presently work at three separate facilities, as well as a more user-friendly facility for customers of the district. Check out our photo gallery to see how construction is progressing!

Austin ISD is expected to move from its current location 1111 W. Sixth St. to its new headquarters during the summer and fall.

Summer/Fall 2019 Move

The dates below reflect a window of time when the new building will be move-in ready for the departments listed. All moves will take place on or after these dates.

Aug. 12–19

  • Center for Professional Learning
  • Academics 

Aug. 16–26

  • Contract & Procurement
  • Human Capital divisions include:
    • Employment verification, employee service records, employee contracts
    • Benefits and Leave
    • Substitute Office
    • Customer Service
    • Talent Acquisition—Employment opportunities, hiring, new hires, teacher certification
    • Employee Effectiveness—Appraisals, PPfT, Leadership Pathways
    • Leadership development for principals, APs and aspiring administrators
  • Internal audit
  • Payroll

Aug. 22–29

  • Academics
  • Construction Management
  • Facilities
  • HUB

Sept. 13–20

  • Finance

Sept. 27–Oct. 4

  • DCCE
  • Equity officer
  • Office of Innovation and Development
  • Legal
  • Student Services
  • Superintendent

Nov. 1

  • Board auditorium

Because construction and move dates may change, if you are planning to go to a central office department, please call that department first to determine if the department has moved. You can also call the main number 512-414-1700.

Building Highlights

The move positions the district to better serve our community and students, and to boost our collaboration, customer service and cost-effectiveness. The new facility features multiple common areas throughout the nine-story building, with different features for each floor, including a gym, break rooms and multiple collaborative environments. 

Badge access will be implemented, and security is being analyzed and addressed by the architects and the AISD Police Department for interior and exterior access to the building.

Site visits are being planned for April and May, as the construction schedule will allow.

Please visit the resources below often to learn the latest on your new HQ. We are actively updating this page, based on the most up-to-date information. 

Q: Will there be secure locations for personal belongings? Will there be a desk drawer available?

A: This will vary. At this time, lockers are part of the design that will help to address securing personal items. Locking desk drawers on assigned workstations are also part of the design.

Q: Will there be a cafeteria with school pricing? 

A: Designs are not final, but we are pursuing some interesting options on-site. It may not be a traditional cafeteria (mostly due to the challenge of venting a kitchen through a nine-story building) but we are trying to include more than one food option in the plans. More information on this will be available as the design is completed.

Q: How will phones be configured in our new space since some staff will be sharing spaces? Will we be able to forward our calls to our cell phones?

A: Network Services and Support expects there will be multiple telephone scenarios at the new facility. A brief outline of some possible options includes:

  • Assigned and unassigned workspaces at the new headquarters. Staff would unplug their existing phone at the CAC and plug in the phone in their new workspace. The same telephone number and voicemail would be assigned.
  • Shared workspace at the new headquarters. Staff will be able to log in to a kiosk-type phone that could be personalized and used while sitting at the shared workspace. Staff would log out of the phone when they are finished using the kiosk space.
  • Highly mobile workspace. Staff who are highly mobile and who are rarely located at any single spot on a regular basis would have options available to have their calls ring on their mobile devices and/or on their laptops.  

More details will be available as these options are finalized. Staff can be assured they will have the ability to make and receive calls from a variety of locations via a variety of methods best suited to their work environment and style.

Q: Is there a traffic pattern map showing best exits off I-35 or Hwy. 71/Ben White to get in and out of HQ?  

A: From north on I-35, there is an entrance on the east side of the property from the access road. For staff traveling west on 71, looping under I-35 and then getting to the right quickly will take you into the front entrance. There is a walking path to Walmart, but no vehicle connection.

Q: I understand that there is not a "quiet area” on each floor. This is very important to me, since I am highly distractible and I am unable to process and think with noise. How does the design team plan to address this issue?

A: We understand that different team members’ styles/needs/patterns and different tasks play into the optimal workspace design. What the design shows is a small portion of a shared collaborative, unassigned section of the one part of the building. As departments detail the design in the coming weeks, there will be areas that are generally louder/quieter, lighter/darker, confidential/shared, open/private, etc. We are also learning some interesting facts about open office environments in practice that are counter-intuitive. For example, people naturally speak more quietly in open offices. As the drawings become more concrete, we’ll be able to share more of the design, but in the meantime, we will continue to make sure your concerns are part of the conversation.

Q: How many restrooms will be on each of the floors? The number at CAC building (three per floor) is inadequate for the number of staff. 

A: The number of restrooms is being increased to meet city building codes based on our occupancy levels. On office floors, there are at least three women’s and three men’s restrooms. On higher-occupancy floors 1 and 2, there are six of each. On some floors, where feasible, a family restroom also exists. Mother’s rooms, separate from restrooms, are also included on several floors.

Q: What will the clerical desks look like? Our needs are very different than the those of other staff and of administrators. 

A: Specific furniture has not been selected at this point. The final design of the spaces will determine the workstation options in general, depending on the roles and goals in each area. There is a great deal of collaborative space that is not “workstation designed,” but there are also workstations that may look more traditional. Some of these have the “L” return and others do not.  

Q: Will a child care program be one of the amenities for the new building?  

A: The new HQ building is not conducive for a child care center. However, the district is looking a co-locating child care at a school near to the new HQ building. 

Q: If I am not designated a workspace, will I be able to bring in any personal items like pictures of my children or my own wall calendar or my favorite pens and pencils?

A: With this new building there is a major emphasis on collaborative spaces and on shared work areas. We are definitely encouraging people to think in terms of “we space” more than “me space.” We recognize that that is a shift and may not leave a lot of room for personalization. The biggest factor in how assigned/unassigned workstations are determined is based on work functions and how much time a staff member is out of the office, for example, visiting campuses.

Q: What thought has been given to the possibilities of promoting public transportation to promote sustainability? Maybe CapMetro could do a shuttle, or what if we put an older AISD school bus to use that a part-time driver can move at certain times during peak periods?

A: We are looking into enhancing public transportation options to the new HQ. We have contacted Capital Metro and are looking at ways to enhance the public transportation to the new location.

Q: Will staff take their current computers/desktops to the new HQ?

A: Yes. There’s no associated technology refresh with the move.

Views from the New HQ Newsletters

Each month, the project team will provide updates on demolition, construction and other work happening at the district's new headquarters facility. Read below for the most up-to-date information!