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Child Find

Early Intervention services are also available for children from birth to age 3, please call the HHS Office of the Ombudsman at 1-877-787-8999, select a language, and then select Option 3. The Ombudsman staff will ask for your zip code, county or city and provide the name and number of the local ECI program. Callers with hearing impairment may use the relay option of their choice or dial 7-1-1 to connect with Relay Texas. 

Thank you for your interest in Austin ISD’s Early Childhood Special Education Services. ECSE provides specialized instruction and services to children ages 3 to 5 who have been identified with at least one disability as defined by TEA and who demonstrate a need for specialized instruction. Please complete the following form link or call (512) 414-SPED and we will contact you regarding your child and your interest in special education services.

Child Find for Early Childhood Special Education Services/ Servicios de educación especial para la primera infancia

My child currently attends an Austin ISD campus. I would like them to evaluate my child, what is the process? 

  • You may contact your child's campus administrator or campus Child Study Team Chair (CST) and request an evaluation. Your request may be written or verbal and the campus has 15 calendar days to respond to your request. 

I am moving to Austin ISD and my child has special education services through our current district. What is the enrollment process?

  • All campuses in Austin ISD are equipped to provide a range of special education services.
  • Begin by enrolling your child at the home campus based on your address.
    Enrollment site
    How to find your home school
  • Reach out to the campus Registrar to let them know your child accesses special education services. If you are able to provide the most recent evaluation (Full Individual Evaluation or FIE) and/or paperwork from the most recent IEP/ARD meeting, that would be helpful!
  • The team on your child’s home campus will work to determine how Austin ISD can most closely match services to the most recent recommendations from your last school. If a specialized classroom is required, but not available on the home campus, the home campus will coordinate with parents to identify the closest available classroom and transportation will be available.
  • Parents will be invited to a meeting with the campus staff to review recommendations and discuss any further information that is required.

My family homeschools/attends a local private school. What services/supports are available to us?

  • Proportionate Share is a program where a student can access a portion of the services on their IEP (Individual Education Program) while continuing to access homeschool or private school. Please contact Child Find for more information.

My child attends a charter school and we live in Austin ISD boundaries. What services/supports are available to us?

  • Charter schools are public schools that receive federal funding. Special education services should be addressed by charter school staff.

My child attends a private school. What services/supports are available to us?

  • Depending on the type of school and where it is physically located, our staff can help you determine what local school district is responsible for providing support/evaluation services. Please contact Child Find and include your home address, the name and address of your child’s private school, and whether your child has ever been evaluated for school-based special education services.

If you have further questions please contact Child Find or call the Austin ISD Special Education Office at (512) 414-SPED. (7733)