Implementation in AISD

Implementation Plan


AISD implemented Social and Emotional Learning by rolling our systems and strategies through the district's vertical team structure. A vertical team consists of a high school and all of its feeder middles and elementary schools.

As of 2015-16, all schools in AISD are officially implementing SEL.

  • Elementary and Middle Schools in these teams have received explicit instruction materials from Second Step. Lessons are taught weekly and reinforced in all areas of the school.
  • High Schools have received School-Connect as their explicit instruction resource.
  • In 6 high schools, a Methods for Academic and Personal Success (MAPS) class is being taught to freshmen to develop SEL and study skills, supporting students as they make the transition to high school.
  • Schools create a steering committee to lead their SEL work. There are two designated SEL facilitators on each campus, who serve as the liaison with the SEL department.
  • Each campus has an assigned SEL specialist from central office. The SEL specialist supports implementation on campus by providing professional development, observing lessons and giving feedback on explicit instruction, and integration of SEL skills and concepts into academic instruction. Specialist work closely with campus administration and facilitators to develop SEL goals and action plans with the steering committee.

SEL 2.0 - From Implementation to Integration

The evolving field of neuroscience continues to affirm essential links between Social and Emotional Learning, academic performance, and healthy student development. Because teaching and learning is a highly dynamic, demanding, and social process, students need safe, inclusive, culturally responsive, and equitable learning environments where they can develop greater self-awareness, engage productively with others, and acquire lifelong self-management skills to face new challenges.

2017 marked the first year of the rollout the SEL 2.0 strategic plan, which is intended to deepen our SEL work within Austin ISD and the community over the next 3-5 years. Over a matter of 12 months, we clarified our SEL vision and developed five priorities to guide the district's SEL work and capture the evolution in thinking about how best to achieve SEL integration district-wide. These five priorities are:

Priority #1: Strengthen AISD's culture by embracing the principles of Social and Emotional Learning district-wide -- from the boardroom to the classroom and into the community.

Priority #2: Develop the social and emotional knowledge and competencies of all district staff to create the environments that optimize teaching and learning.

Priority #3: Leverage the implementation of Social and Emotional Learning to advance AISD’s commitment to cultural proficiency, inclusiveness, and equity.

Priority #4: Develop an innovative integrated system of social, emotional, and mental health support for students that includes and extends beyond SEL.

Priority #5: Contribute to the national evidence base for Social and Emotional Learning.

SEL Seed and Model Campuses 

True district change happens when we create learning structures and systems that cross campus boundaries and encourage all-district learning and communities of practice. In this effort, we offer a SEL Seed Campus Cohort where campuses apply to engage in learning and growth opportunities around four categories:

  • Empowering Campus Leadership
  • Coordination with Family and Community Partners
  • Coordination with Climate and Pedagogy
  • Explicit SEL Instruction

The SEL Seed Model designation is given to schools that effectively demonstrate the process of continual social and emotional growth. At the end of the cohort program, all campuses engage in a See Model Share Fair with district leaders and community partners where they showcase their SEL progress around the goals they've set in the four categories above.

The following schools are 2017-2018 designated SEL Seed Campuses:
Clayton Elementary School
Dawson Elementary School
Highland Park Elementary School
Lee Elementary School
Mills Elementary School
Pease Elementary School
Riley Elementary School
Ridgetop Elementary School
Middle Schools:
Covington Middle School
Fulmore Middle School
Gorzycki Middle School
O. Henry Middle School
Sadler-Means YWLA
High Schools:
Austin High School
Anderson High School
Bowie High School
Crockett High School
Travis High School