The AISD Science Team is devoted to serving science teachers and students. Our challenge is to provide a dynamic, collaborative system of services that addresses the unique needs of each campus, teacher, and student in AISD. Our goal is not to factory-assemble scientists, but rather to shape students into scientifically literate citizens who are knowledgeable and considerate of the processes that affect our world. We promote classroom and outdoor investigations to instill critical thinking and awareness, and integrate technology to promote information and media literacy.


The AISD Science Team works to design and disseminate engaging, authentic, and accessible science curriculum for a highly diverse student population. We remove obstacles that block meaningful science instruction by providing materials, instructional support, and professional development. Our curriculum is designed to support the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards set by the Texas Education Agency. For more information, please see the documents below:

  • TEKS

State Accountability

The reports for 2015-2016 are available for each campus: Accountability Summary; Index Calculations and Data Tables; Distinction Designations; and System Safeguards.