Our tax dollars. Our kids. Our future.

In Austin, our thriving economy is leading the way for the entire nation. To continue our economic leadership, Austin needs successful, capable students fully prepared to compete in tomorrow’s economy.

Right now, Austin students face a major barrier to success: an outdated state school finance system that doesn’t provide the resources our students need. Under our state’s system for funding public education, Austin ISD sends far more money to the state than it gets back.

This year, AISD expects to send $175 million in local property tax revenue to the state—more than any other school district in Texas.

The formulas used to determine how much state funding our district receives haven’t been changed in 30 years, but the costs continue to rise.

In 2014, a state district judge determined that our state’s system for funding public schools is “inadequate, unsuitable and inequitable.”

Learn more here about how the Texas system of funding public schools affects Austin ISD.

Share it with your colleagues, neighbors and anyone else who has an interest in the future of our community and region.

After all, it’s our tax dollars. Our kids. Our future.

Video and more

Click here for a one-page infographic about the state school funding challenges facing Austin ISD.

Video y más

Haz clic aquí para obtener una infografía sobre los dificultades del sistema estatal de financimiento escolar que enfrenta Austin ISD.