Special Operations Bureau 

The Special Operations Bureau Lieutenant is responsible for the oversight of the Investigations Division, Police Communications, the Joint Juvenile Gang Intervention Unit (JJGIU), Courier Services, and Training/Recruiting efforts.


The Criminal Investigations Unit conducts investigations on incidents and offenses’ occurring on district property, conduct personnel investigations for the Human Resources Department, internal investigations of department officers, and investigates allegations of child abuse occurring on AISD property.

 Training and Courier

The Training Division is responsible for the training of all officers to meet TCOLE required standards and mandates.  The Training Division prepares and provides at a minimum 80 hours of TCOLE training each year to department officers.  Surpassing TCOLE standards ensures excellence in the delivery of services to our unique community. 

The Training Division is also responsible for the recruiting and selection process of new officers. 

The Courier Division is responsible for the collection, safeguard, and delivery of District funds between AISD schools/facilities.  The Courier Division is also responsible for the delivery of all court and law enforcement related documents across Travis County.

Police Communications

The communications center is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and is the hub for all means of communications for the department and all after hour needs for the Austin Independent School District.

Joint Juvenile Gang Unit (JJGIU)

The JJGIU consists of four detectives, two assigned from AISD Police and two assigned from Austin Police Department.  The unit is responsible for the prevention, education and enforcement of juvenile gang activity.