The 411 for Safety Resources

Austin ISD's Police Department is dedicated to the healthy development of students and employees. We strive to add time and resources back where they count—the classroom. Education is the ultimate mitigator of risks. Please take time to review each resource, which address the risks associated with various threats and hazards, including bullying, gangs and drug abuse.

Bullying Prevention

Visit for information on how to keep yourself or kids you know safe from bullying.

Crime Stoppers

Our goal is to keep schools safe and you can help us reach that goal. Campus Crime Stoppers allows students to be involved in promoting safety and security at school. Using Campus Crime Stoppers allows you to remain completely anonymous. We never ask for your name and every call is 100 percent confidential.

If you have a tip, please submit it online at or call 512-499-TIPS (8477).

Cyber Safety

Visit our Austin ISD Cyber Safety page to learn more about internet safety and digital citizenship.

Drug Awareness

Did you know that 90 percent of Americans with a substance abuse problem started smoking, drinking or using other drugs before age 18? Get the facts about drugs at

Protecting Our Children is a great resource for information on how to recognize when child abuse is happening. The organization not only informs but also provides help for children who have made an outcry of abuse in the Travis County area.

Gang Awareness

This guide provides common warning signs of gang involvement but may not be all-encompassing. Families should look for multiple signs to indicate possible gang involvement because some of these indicators alone are also common among youth not involved in gangs. Families are encouraged to seek help early by contacting school personnel, local law enforcement, faith leaders and community organizations for assistance.