Austin ISD’s Student Dress Code is in place to maintain a safe, respectful and positive learning environment and to model good citizenship.

All clothing should be appropriate to the student’s age, the school setting and weather conditions. Both students and parents share the responsibility for the student's attire because clothing often sets the pattern for behavior.

Students are required to use good judgment, to respect themselves and others, and to demonstrate modesty in selecting attire.

The x's below indicate the specific items of clothing that may not be worn at the designated levels

Clothing may not advertise, condone, depict or promote the use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs; also prohibited is clothing with vulgar or obscene language, or with images or writing that promotes disruption of the educational setting.

Please consult your school’s handbook for any additional clothing guidelines.

 ClothingElementary SchoolMiddle & High School
Athletic Shorts Outside of PE X
Backless TopsXX
Baggy PantsXX
Bare MidriffsXX
Elongated ArmholesX 
Fake Nails & MakeupX 
Gang-Associated Clothing or ColorsXX
Halter TopsXX
Low Cut NecklinesXX
Oversize ShirtsX 
Pajamas X
See-Through Clothing X
Shorts That DistractXX
Skirts That DistractXX
Spaghetti StrapsXX
Strapless TopsXX
Tank Tops X
Visible Undergarments X
Hats or Caps Inside (except for religious headwear)XX

* Individual campuses may adopt additional requirements.