The phase-in process during weeks five through eight is designed to align with the Austin Public Health (APH) Interim Guidance on Reopening for Austin-Travis County Schools and with the district’s commitment to the health and safety of all students, staff, and families in mind.

The four week transition is planned so that, to the greatest degree possible, each facility remains at the same percentage of facility capacity for two weeks before increasing to the next allowable level based on guidance from APH. In Austin ISD, we will phase-in as follows:

  • Week 5: 25% of facility capacity (aligns with stage 4 of APH Risk-Based Stages and Dr. Escott’s recommendation that we continue to behave as if we are in stage 4)
  • Week 6: 25% of facility capacity (Up to 50% if Needed)
  • Week 7: 50% of facility capacity (aligns with stage 3 of APH Risk-Based Stages, the current stage for Austin Travis County)
  • Week 8: 50% of facility capacity

Campuses will plan for the return of students who choose on-campus learning following the building capacity guidance outlined above. In addition, students from each campus that have chosen on-campus learning will be welcomed back to campus in small groups over the course of the four weeks. Consideration for which groups of students to bring back each week will be based on factors such as support services being received, grade level, newcomer and refugee status, and status as a child of an Austin ISD staff member.

For all staff and students that return to campus, we are committed to strong implementation of hand hygiene, masking, and social distancing. Per CDC guidance, our goal is 6 feet social distance whenever feasible. Social distancing measures implemented at each campus will be dependent on the number of students that return for on-campus learning and the size of the classroom(s).

We will continue to monitor updates from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and local health authorities to inform our decisions to keep students, families, and staff safe. Please know that the plans may change in the coming weeks.