AISD Staff

Austin ISD has worked hard to connect staff with vaccine distributors and find available vaccine opportunities through our community partners. Currently, those who qualify for Phase 1B in the Texas Department of State Health Services vaccination rollout are eligible to be scheduled for a vaccination should it become available. 

In order to ensure our employees who are eligible for additional opportunities are informed as quickly as they become available to us, Austin ISD is collecting contact information from those who qualify for Phase 1B of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout. If you are a member of a prioritized group under 1B, please contact HR via Let's Talk to receive a link to be added to the communication list.

Please understand that this is a list to allow for prioritized communication - it IS NOT a vaccination list that guarantees you a COVID-19 vaccine. AISD is not providing vaccinations to any employees, is not a vaccine distributor, and can’t we guarantee that anyone on this list will receive a vaccination. However, we may be alerted through local agencies when batches of vaccinations might become available to AISD employees, and this list will simply provide a tool for AISD to contact employees to share the information based on the criteria requested by the health entity. 

By filling out the form, you are verifying that you currently have at least one of the listed 1B qualifying conditions. 

AISD encourages all employees to seek out vaccinations locally, or through your healthcare provider, as soon as you become eligible to get one. Austin Public Health is asking eligible individuals to pre-register for a vaccination via the Austin Public Health Website.

Furthermore, we will continue to advocate for all teachers and staff to be prioritized as the vaccines become more widely available. 

For Phase 1B details and qualifications, please visit the Texas Department of Health Services website. 

Students and Families

If you are a community member who is interested in receiving the vaccine, please reach out to your physician or visit the Austin Public Health Website. 

If you need help making an appointment, you may contact your school’s Parent Support Specialists or the AISD Parent Engagement Support Office